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Press Releases
Press Release March 1st,  2011

For the last 12 years AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) has shown great strength in raising funds for children causes for such charities as the Shriner’s Hospital and Giant Steps as well as others, through annual galas.
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Press Release July 15th, 2010

​July 14, 2010 marked an important affair among high profiled Montreal businessmen and our Honorable Minister of Industry, Tony Clement. The event was held at 1 Place Ville Marie at the Private Salon on the 41st floor. The host, Tony Loffreda, Senior Regional VP of RBC, disclosed the banking tendencies towards corporate Canada while Minister Clement’s speech highlighted Canada’s cultural and industrial positions during our tough economic wave.
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Press Release 2010

Invessa foundation spearheaded by Alessa  Zaccagna and Andre Michalopoulos  joined forces this  year with Lesters   and Kosta Kivetos from La Belle Province Restaurant in launching their Food for Tots Campaign with the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).  After last year’s success with sponsors, this year’s goal is to  provide up to 6 new schools in the Montreal area.
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Press Release November 1st, 2009

Linx  in  Pr, a revolutionary  public relations  firm in Canada  announced its support in   August 2009   for the “Enosi  09”  Gala Fundraiser  which was hosted Andre  Michalopoulos of Andion Financial and co-founders of Enosi 09, Joe Younes and Vivian Dimopoulos. The  1st Annual Gala Fundraiser “Enosi 2009”  held at the  Embassy Plaza in October 2009    brought  together  both the Greek and Jewish communities to raise funds for cancer research and education.
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Press Release May 30, 2009

A Great Success !
On May 29, 2009 the First Annual “Italo-Greco Poker Tournament” was classified as a great success. Two communities were competing for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Vegas at the W.S.O.P. in June 2009. A member from the Greek community, Mr. Angelis, was crowned the lucky winner.
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Ignoring Your Partners

Two clarifications:

Why recent title made sense: 
Recently we spoke about some of the most detrimental errors small businesses make in treating their customers, but let's now apply it towards partners:

Ignoring Your Partners: is a sin.  An appropriate greeting and a smile are always appreciated.  Yes even with YOUR partners.

Not Listening to Your Partners: The descriptor may be different, but the logic is the same, you need to listen and show RESPECT for their viewpoint (that does not mean agree) 
Making it Difficult to do Business with You: It should not be a chore for your partner to SHARE the profits with you! 
Refusing to change: we are not talking about doing things worse or cheaper, but we are talking about doing things strategically for the simple that change requires effort.  CHANGE stirs interest and interest is good
Displaying a Lack of Integrity: No one likes to feel lied to or treated in a way that is less than HONEST. Remember, if you pulled a fast one on that one partners, and your employees, suppliers, or customers saw what you did, what will that suggest about your dealings with them?  Ask yourself would you be proud if your kids saw you?
Now we also got a comment that "the customer is always right".  Nonsense!  We spoke earlier about how customers are people, well people make mistakes and so do customers...and yes so do your partners.  But, try treating them with respect.  Instead of pointing out the mistake you should try and point out the solution.  Say “yes” instead of “no” and then show them the way.
Remember the Golden Rule does apply:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
We are also in search of an office clerk with knowledge of word processing, bookkeeping, telephone, and ability to leap over tall buildings and oh yes a smile. Flexible hours are available.

Please email (or fax) your resume with a cover letter explaining your abilities and strengths including remuneration requirements and expectations. 

“A penny for your thoughts…”

This old and common expression may soon become more archaic:
What are you thinking about? I would give you a penny if you tell me your thoughts.
Noticing that Janet looked pensive, Bill said, ‘A penny for your thoughts!’
You seem very pleased with yourself today, a penny for your thoughts!
In a recent poll by Ipsos Reid, most Canadians (and over 70% of Quebecers) are prepared to abolish the penny. As usual, the government trails the kids.

Kids do not pick up pennies anymore, not for a while now... Why would they? You cannot use it for anything.  Sure, if you have a slew of them you may be able to buy a Popsicle... but do not count on it.

The penny was marginally useful 30 years ago, when my basketball coach said: "I pick them up and if you get a hundred of them they become a dollar." While it is still true that a hundred of them becomes a dollar, there are better things to do with one’s time other than to sit around and count your pennies...

Taking the penny out would:
Save time and money for merchants
Save time and money for consumers - do you really want those pennies clogging up your change purse and more likely your change box?
Save money and resources for the federal government
So why is the penny still around?  Inertia.  It requires a decision, and it is much easier to avoid making the decision. 



But do you want to be partnered with his current spouse? How about his next spouse? How would you like to have your kids as his partners? Partnering makes the necessity of estate planning even more necessary.

Can necessary be more necessary?  Yes.
You might want to avoid these people after you’ve been forced to pick up the pieces, especially when families are involved.  Helping out is one thing, but having to make partner distributions over a prolonged period of time, when there was no “partners' contribution”, can be trying.  And when the lack of contribution leads to more demands, it becomes "negative" contribution - which can lead the sane to run to the courts for some relief.


Sorry, you may eventually get some relief, but not until after the legal fees (times two), time wasted, and elevated stress levels... Why?  Because you wanted to save a little money on estate planning?

Here are the basics:
A structure that survives death or incapacitation;
A structure that treats both partners fairly;
A structure that provides funding for the bought-out partner, which should not unduly burden the surviving partner;
A structure that allows the surviving partner to operate, but allows the beneficiaries to monitor (and please, use professionals) the business.

This could be done with the use of a corporation to hold the operating (or OpCo) assets, and then a trust to hold the shares of the OpCo. It could have a mechanism to value the assets differently when there are two partners who can operate the business, versus only one partner (a control discount). Also, this could have a Key Man insurance that protects from both death and disability.

Apart from these, the surviving partner will also need time to allow the plan to unfold, so that there is not an undue burden on the business. However, this may require a payment to the estate, as well as for professionals to monitor the progress on an ongoing basis.
Basically, what is needed is a mechanism that resolves disputes, such as mediation, to prevent a costly litigation.

And do not forget, while structuring for the realities of life and death, always stay positive.  Attitude is king.